Live Betting errors to avoid

Most common in-play betting mistakes

In this article we will take a look into the most common mistakes that bettors make when betting in-play.

DNB(Draw No Bet) counter-bet

If we want to provide a DNB tip, it will be very difficult, and I will explain why. If you want to provide a DNB home tip or leave it for a guest, if you feel that things are not going well according to the picture of the match, and contrary to our previous tip, it is easy to end the match. Let's say we made $ 1,000 on the DNB home for odds on 2.00. This means that, even in the event of a tie, we get our full bet back. However, if we also take guests for security purposes, say a 60.00 odds in the 60th minute, we are "trapped". In this case, if the match ends in a tie, the original DNB bet will only give you the stake, but the other bet ($ 1,000) in the other bet we bet. (1000 came back to 1000 + 1000 Ft.) So it was not real insurance, because it did not bring our bets to zero in all cases.

By default, we would have had $ 1,000 for a domestic win, +0 for a draw and -1000 for a guest. This was modified by "insurance" so that the balance is +0 for a home win, -1000 for a draw, and again for a guest win. +0. It can be seen that the amount of pre-read opportunities is 0, but if we "provide guests" then it will be -1000 (0 + 0-1000 can never be profitable, but we have a 33% chance of losing $ 1000). From this it logically follows that this "insurance" is not worth taking over unless we are absolutely sure that the away team will win the match in the remaining time.

Ensure home / away victory

Ensure home / away victory

For the sake of simplicity, let's say that we bet on the home team that looks a bit stronger with $ 1000, a multiplier of 2.00. The match is favorable for us, with the home side taking the lead in the 35th minute. At this point, if you are cautious or just aiming for a safe roll of the bonus, you need to assure yourself. This is quite simple as the goal will have the home side odds drop. It is down to 1.4 and the X2 multiplier is around 2.5. If you only want to get away with X2 without loss then you have to put 1000 / 1.5 or 666 Ft on the X2. In this case, in case of a tie or a guest win, you get a bet of 1000 + 666 Ft, 666x2,5, or 1666 Ft, and you are left with money. In the case of a domestic win, our bets of $ 1,000 + $ 666 hit our mark at $ 2000, which is a $ 337 risk-free profit opportunity.

However, if we are greedy and think, "oh, this is where our guests will no longer turn around, it will be enough to just secure a tie", then our safe bet can easily end in a nasty failure. With the home goal, say, the oddsa has changed to 4.00, which we want to use as insurance. To do this, we bet 1000 / 3.00 or 333 Ft on the bet, which gives you a 333x4 or 1333 Ft on a full bet of 1333 for a draw, so you have nothing to lose. Now, the twist is coming: in a match between two teams with similar skills, guests can turn from 0-1 and say the final score is 2-1. (This would not be a surprising surprise at all!) Then the expected higher risk-free profit (as in the case of Hungary we would end up with a higher profit than the above example) or our +0 balance in the tie is already changing to -1333 HUF, it sounds.

Provision of combi sections

One of the big flaws of combi coupons is that they are very difficult and risky to insure. For the sake of simplicity, let's buy a coupon where we played 3 football games, each back home and each with a 1.5 odds. (More about the betting odds) We would get $ 3,375 back at $ 1,000. However, this can only be guaranteed in some way if the first two matches (in time) have come in and we only need the last to become the winner of the combo. This is not to be overstated, as we have a virtual prize of $ 2,000 that can be used for insurance / coverage if things don't go well.

The problem starts there when we say (and in the simplest case) the second event has problems. Our team is leading, but the scoreboard is very good and can get us in trouble. The solution would be to sacrifice all of the $ 2375 from the combi to do the draw. Let's say we can bet on odds 4.00, so we have to spend 333 for it. So if you play it with the right bet, your future profit will be just $ 1.00, which you can already seem to fall back on.