The double odds bet: a bet that can pay off big

The double odds bet

Young bettors often do not take risks by choosing the easiest, or at least the most famous bets: simple bets, combined bets, live bets and, for the most reckless, system bets. But we often forget those who make big money, or those who are easy, and considerably limit losses. For those who are totally in this description of this type of bet, devour our article on the double chance bet!

What exactly is the double chance bet?

This bet is magical! It is not available on all platforms, so if your bookmaker offers it, rush on it! You can visit to find the best bookmakers online offering doble odds bet. It has many advantages for you, but also for the operator.

The double chance bet requires three entries. The ideal example to illustrate this bet is football. Either team A wins, or team B wins, or it's a tie. This principle makes it easier to understand why the qualifying phases of a competition do not allow this bet, because it is essential that equality is probable.

A double odds bet, it's finally very simple. You can bet on the victory of Team A or tie, or the victory of Team B or tie. You will therefore have a two out of three chance of multiplying your bet! Obviously, don't expect unusual odds, they will necessarily be lower than other less "predictable" bets!

How to optimize these double odds bets?

To make the most of the double-chance bet, you shouldn't do just anything. Just because it's a less risky bet doesn't mean you'll win every time! First check that it is available on the game you want to bet on. Then, even if you have two out of three chances of winning your bet, make no mistake about it! Take the time to find out, browse trade press sites, forecast sites, talk to your friends, in short, get informed and make your own opinion.

Our best advice will also be to compare the odds between several bookmakers. Yes, since the odds of this bet are not very high in general, you might as well take advantage of the best offer on the market! Feel free to take a look at a odds comparator to find out for yourself.

On the other hand, bet according to your values. If you prefer to choose a riskier bet by betting big rather than the fairly secure double odds bet, but with a lower odds, you are free to choose, but never bet too much. One might think that the double odds bet is tailor-made for neophytes who have just registered on a bookmaker site. This is not the case! Given the level of analysis and intuition you need to reach in order to bet correctly, it is also suitable for experienced bettors! Keep your eyes open, and good luck, we wish you good luck!