Asian Handicap betting

Asian Handicap Explained

Asian Handicap turns western betting standards on its head, and gives us another way to think about when it comes to odds. Read all about Asian Handicap here: Find out where to play and learn more about how to win money with this betting form.

Where can you play Asian Handicap?

Bookmakers like Unibet, Mr Green, Bethard and Mobilebet can play with Asian Handicap on the Champions League, Premier League and several of the most interesting leagues in Europe. The fact that this can be done on both pre-match and in-play betting only makes it even more exciting.

How it's works?

As the name suggests, Asian Handicap originated in Asia. In fact, Asian Handicap is the dominant form of betting in Asia. It took some time before the method made its entry into Europe, but since the early 2000s, the game variant has seen increased popularity here as well. Asian Handicap is today one of the most popular betting forms among those who bet on odds.

Asian Handicap - Basic Prinicples

Asian Handicap - Basic Prinicples

Within traditional western tipping, there are three outcomes of a football match: home victory, draw and away victory. Often it is easy to predict who wins, but the ability to play on a draw complicates the picture a bit. This makes Asian Handicap easier. Focusing on the difference between the two teams removes the draw opportunity in the Asian variant. If the bet ends with a draw, the bet is returned. It may also be mentioned that there is a handicap variant that includes a draw, which goes by the name European Handicap.

What are the benefits

Asian Handicap is a type of bet most commonly used in football, but it can also be transferred to many other sports. The betting form was developed as a tool to give players more choices in matches where the difference in strength between the teams is so great that the danger that a team will control the entire match is very imminent. In a thought game with low odds on the favorite, the underdog gives a theoretical advantage to make the game more attractive to play on. The favorite therefore faces a greater challenge and thus the betting conditions become better and the potential payout higher.

Practice Asian Handicap

The easiest of the handicaps to understand is what is called Zero ball. Then both teams are considered equal and the handicap is expressed as 0: 0. Then it is only to play on the team that you think wins, and the bet ends with success no matter how many goals the team you are betting will score. As usual, you get the money back when you draw.

Whole-ball and half-ball

What is most common to see with the bookmakers is what gives one of the teams a goal lead before the match. It goes by the name "whole-ball". If you think of a match where you play at Huddersfield +1 against Liverpool you win money if Huddersfield win or play a draw. Half-handicap so-called "half-ball" is also relatively easy to understand. If Brann is given a half-goal lead against Rosenborg, you only add half a goal to Brann's scores and compare with his Rosenborg. The team with the most goals wins and here a draw is also not possible.

Possible outcomes when playing Asian Handicap

As mentioned in Asian Handicap, you can play on both teams. If you think of a game with quarter goals, the handicap may look like this: AC Milan -1.25, Parma + 1.25. If you choose to invest in Milan, the bet is 50-50 placed on Milan -1 and Milan -1.5. If Milan wins by two or more goals, the bet is won. Betting on Parma ends with loss. The match ends 2-0 and theoretical results in the match are (2-1.5 =) 0.5-0 and (2-1.0 =) 1-0. However, winning Milan with 1 goal will be refunded half the effort, the other is lost. Theoretical results of the match are (1-1 =) 0-0 and (1-1,) = - 0.5-0. Betting on Parma ends up winning at half odds, but the rest of the bet is refunded. If the match ends 0-0 (the same outcome regardless of the draw result), the bet on Milan is lost. Theoretical results in this match will then be (0-1.5 =) - 1.5-0 and (0-1 =) - 1-0. Games on Parma are won. The same goes for course if Parma wins the match itself.